Planned Parenthood: brand brand New CDC Report on U.S. Teens’ Sexual Behavior Illustrates Adolescents’ Continued significance of Intercourse Education and Successful contraceptive

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Planned Parenthood: brand brand New CDC Report on U.S. Teens’ Sexual Behavior Illustrates Adolescents’ Continued significance of Intercourse Education and Successful contraceptive

NY, NY — More than 50 % of U.S. teens have experienced intercourse by age 18 and most sexually experienced teenagers (significantly more than 99%) used some kind of contraception, according to information from 2011-2015 in a study released today through the nationwide Center for Health Statistics (NCHS).

“Sexual Activity and Use that is contraceptive among in the us: 2011-2015,” is a study regarding the newest information analysis through the nationwide Survey of Family development (NSFG), carried out by NCHS. The info are weighted to express all teenagers when you look at the U.S. and had been produced from interviews with 4,134 male and teens that are female years throughout the duration 2011 through 2015.

“This report demonstrates that America’s teens are accountable about their intimate behavior. Sex education in center schools and schools that are high and use of solutions for intimately active teenagers, are critical to assisting teenagers continue to be healthy and achieve their life goals,” said Dr. Leslie Kantor, Vice President of Education at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “By the full time these are typically seniors in twelfth grade, many U.S. teenagers is going to be intimately active. All teenagers must have the training, resources, and abilities they have to make accountable, informed choices. Nonetheless, teenagers are not necessarily utilizing the most reliable kinds of birth prevention, and you can find disparities within the use of effective birth prevention among teenagers, which induce greater prices of unintended maternity.”</p>

Today’s report shows:

Practically all sexually experienced feminine teenagers have actually utilized some way of contraception. There was clearly a rise in the price of contraception usage among feminine teenagers since 2002, from 97.7per cent to 99.4percent in 2011-2015.

In most of teenagers their first sexual activity ended up being with some body with who these were “going steady” (feminine teens: 74%; male teenagers: 51%). Just half the normal commission of teenagers had their very very first intercourse that is sexual somebody that they had “just met” (female teens: 2%; male teens: 7%).

“Adolescents have actually a right to your training and solutions they should make healthier decisions and real time satisfying lives,” said Dr. Kantor. “The united states of america are at historic lows in pregnancy and delivery rates among U.S. teenagers, which we understand arrives mainly to increased usage of contraception. At Planned Parenthood, we provide good quality intercourse training to significantly more than 1.5 million teenagers on a yearly basis in communities and also to millions more through our internet site, electronic tools for teens and nationwide chat/text system. We encourage visitors to utilize both effective types of contraception and condoms, to enable them to prevent both unintended maternity and STDs.”

Concerning Contraceptive Use:

Condoms stayed the essential widely used contraception technique among teenagers in 2011-2015 (reported by 97per cent of teenager females), followed closely by withdrawal (60% ) while the supplement (56%).

Teenagers whom report they would be pleased, reinforcing previous research on pregnancy ambivalence which underlies Planned Parenthood’s digital tools— encouraging young people to set goals and think about if, or when, they want to have children that they would be upset about getting pregnant are more likely to use contraception than those who say.

Other findings consist of:

The percent was 44% among teen females aged 15-19, 42% reported having ever had sex; among teen males.

Among more youthful teens, men are more inclined to have experienced sex than females but by age 17, the chances of having intercourse that is sexual comparable for women and men. By age 18, 55% of both men and women have experienced intercourse.

The most common reasons for abstaining were: “it was against religion or morals,” and “haven’t found the right person yet among those teens who had not yet had sex.

“Planned Parenthood is devoted to supplying accurate, appropriate sexual wellness information to as numerous teenagers as you possibly can, irrespective of who or where they have been,” said Kantor. “Technology has established new possibilities they have to remain healthy and achieve their life objectives — whether that’s in schools and communities, on the phone, online, or in a wellness center. for all of us to attain individuals in numerous means, and we’re continually shopping for revolutionary methods to get individuals the data and care”

Planned Parenthood’s revolutionary education that is digital are created to assist teenagers remain safe and healthy — irrespective of where they truly are — and can include:

Planned Parenthood’s a number of digital training tools for center- and high school-aged young adults develop decision-making skills around relationships to avoid both pregnancy that is unintended STDs— including helping teenagers set goals around if/when children fit in their life plan, resisting peer pressure to own intercourse, beverage, or make use of drugs, and learning about contraception practices when they’re considering becoming intimately active.

Permission 101, a Webby Award-winning movie series made to assist young adults understand consent and assault that is sexual

A video clip series on interacting about STDs, getting tested, and making use of security

Planned Parenthood’s Chat/Text system enables teenagers to own conversations with trained educators in real-time via text or IM about contraceptive, crisis contraception, maternity, and STDs, allowing them getting critical information on intimate wellness if they require it, irrespective of where these are generally. This system has received over 700,000 conversations because it started this year.

Since the nation’s largest provider of intercourse training, Planned Parenthood works in schools and communities in the united states to produce outstanding intercourse training programs. Evidence-based intercourse training programs can really help teenagers wait intercourse, use condoms and birth prevention once they do have intercourse, decrease the wide range of sexual lovers, and minimize the frequency of intercourse. Intercourse training is supported by the United states healthcare Association and also the United states Academy of Pediatrics — and also by a majority of People in america, including significantly more than 90 per cent of moms and dads.

Planned Parenthood may be the nation’s leading provider and advocate of top-quality, affordable medical care for females, males, and teenagers, along with the nation’s provider that is largest of intercourse training. With increased than 600 wellness facilities throughout the nation, Planned Parenthood affiliates serve all patients with care and compassion, with respect and without judgment. Through wellness facilities, programs in schools and communities, and online learning resources, Planned Parenthood is a dependable source of dependable wellness information which allows individuals to make informed wellness choices. We do all of this because we worry passionately about assisting people lead healthy everyday lives.

Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive wellness care, intercourse education, and information to thousands of people global. Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. is a subscribed 501(c)(3) nonprofit under EIN 13-1644147. Contributions are tax-deductible towards the fullest degree allowable underneath the legislation.

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