Certainly one of Raj’s feminine youth acquaintances, Lalita Gupta who was once fat once kicked him in the samosas (testicles) and called him untouchable.

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Certainly one of Raj’s feminine youth acquaintances, Lalita Gupta who was once fat once kicked him in the samosas (testicles) and called him untouchable.

regardless of this particular fact, Raj’s moms and dads thought it will be a good clear idea to set them through to a night out together. Raj found that liquor (the grasshopper cocktail) is able to assist him suppress their selective mutism, but being drunk made him obnoxious. Being a total outcome: he generally weirded out Lalita. Sheldon, as a result of Lalita’s resemblance up to a childhood that is beloved story character, Princess Panchali, accidentally “stole” Lalita from Raj causing him to have furious with Sheldon.

Missy Cooper (Courtney Henggeler)

In “The Pork Chop Indeterminacy”, Sheldon’s fraternal twin cousin, Missy, came to Pasadena. Raj at that time ended up being having a drug that is experimental assistance with their selective mutism. Leonard, Howard and Raj had been all drawn to her and shortly after hitting her out, they decide to just ask her out individually on her too much (causing her to hide at Penny’s for the night) and fighting over the “right” to ask. After both Leonard and Howard’s efforts failed, Raj got their change. Inconveniently, as he waited on her at Penny’s home, the medications started putting on down and despite Missy’s implied interest in Raj, (saying “Hi, cutie pie. I happened to be hoping you would show up”) Raj ended up being struggling to ask her away and wandered away. In “The Bow Tie Asymmetry”, Raj sees Mary Cooper and child Missy through the airport. Missy is expecting and divided from her spouse which Raj discovers extremely interesting.

Summer Time Glau

Summer time is charmed by Raj.

The latter three tried talking to sci-fi actress Summer Glau in”The Terminator Decoupling”, when Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj were on a train to San Francisco. After consuming just just what he thought had been a alcohol, Raj chatted to summertime, being and she took a taste to him. He stated “Slumdog Millionaire” had been based away from their life tale and unveiled their familiarity with astronomy. Whenever Howard remarked that their beer had been non-alcoholic, Raj stopped in the exact middle of their discussion, ended up being rushed and embarrassed away from Summer without saying any longer.

Abby (Danica McKellar)

Into the episode “The Psychic Vortex”, Leonard and Howard proceeded a dual date with their particular girlfriends, making a lonely Raj with just an indifferent Sheldon. Raj insists on Sheldon assisting him rating with a female at a University Mixer. After presenting Sheldon having a “Limited Edition Green Lantern Lantern” along with chaturbate com his “Incredible Hulk Hands finalized by Stan Lee” on two separate occasions, Sheldon consented to be Raj’s wing-man, helping him get with Abby. It’s not understood exactly just what occurred to her from then on episode.

Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton (Judy Greer)

In “The Plimpton Stimulation”, Dr. Plimpton was welcomed as a visitor of Sheldon’s for the couple of days while considering using a situation during the University. Extremely promiscuous, she shows desire for Raj right after fulfilling him despite having slept with Leonard the past evening and sitting across to him at that time. That night, Raj had been Dr. that is hosting Plimpton but whenever Leonard and Howard appear, she straight away recommends they join Raj and her. Raj directs their buddies to enable them to leave and spends the evening with Dr. Plimpton.

Angela (Tiffany Dupont)

Rajesh and Sheldon came across Angela at a cafe while Raj was wanting to test an experimental social anxiety drug. Raj informed her she had been very stunning whenever she asked why he had been staring, and flattered, she liked his accent, stating she ended up being enthusiastic about planning to Asia. As Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali and Dr. Sheldon Cooper, researchers who want to observe, and dismissed Sheldon off to purchase a scone as she welcomed him sitting along with her, Raj introduced them. Koothrappali complemented her title, citing its etymology, to which she reacted he had been adorable; however, a part effectation of the medicine made him lose all social norms caused him to begin with stripping, which scared her away, as he told Sheldon he had been being rude and attempted to continue along with her saying she had the expressive face of a actress.

Emily (Katie Leclerc)

In “The Wiggly Finger Catalyst”, Penny thought she discovered the perfect match for Raj by hooking him up with a female that is deaf, Emily. Raj made extremely obnoxious remarks throughout their date that is first translator Howard would sign something different to Emily as which will make him perhaps not seem like a jerk. Raj and Emily saw one another for four weeks with Raj getting very connected to her; nonetheless, as it happens she liked Raj limited to their cash (golddigger) and left him whenever she discovered their moms and dads would cut their support that is financial if proceeded to see one another. Interestingly, their moms and dads would not cut him off as he had been seeing the dermatologist that is white Emily Sweeney in the seven and eight periods.

Siri (Becky O’Donohue)

Siri (fantasy embodiment).

After Raj purchases a brand new iphone 4s when you look at the “The Beta Test Initiation”, he develops a strange relationship along with his phone’s sound demand individual associate, Siri. Contrary to his typical incapacity to talk with ladies straight, Raj has the capacity to deal with her, as she actually is a simple sound. Whenever Raj inquires about an action he wants to take part in or perhaps a location, she provides recommendations ( like a wine selection for a social gathering) or a listing of feasible locales, of which a subset is emphasized because of proximity. In response to Raj, Siri has the capacity to accept compliments, react to inquiries about her wellbeing, and display thoughts, like appreciation. Upon Raj’s off-hand demand become called “sexy”, Siri complies and Raj, in change, relates to her as “darling”. Raj seems to be really dating Siri if you take her places, having individual conversations along with her and purchasing her presents; nevertheless, Raj features a dream which he would go to satisfy Siri in the shape of a genuine girl, but, needless to say, whenever she turns around, he can not talk to her. Therefore, an offer to produce want to her is not able to be satisfied. Then he wakes up screaming “NOOOOO!”

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